IMG_20180117_124428 (1)

Mocha is 7 years old, going on 8. She’s a mixed breed dog.

She’s very active. She loves to run, go on walks, sniff, watch people and things, play with toys, especially tug. She enjoys practicing positive reinforcement training for fun, and loves to have me chase her (she always wins this game due to her dog-speed). She’ll retrieve thrown baseballs but doesn’t care so much about relinquishing the ball, and will often turn it into a game of chase. IMG_20160418_152444

Mocha also loves to play basketball. She’ll dribble the ball with her front legs, jump up to get rebounds, play defense and pick up steals when people have possession of the ball. She is super competitive!  IMG_20170330_140355

After a good day of exercise she’ll snuggle up to watch TV or movies. She doesn’t often focus on the actual shows, but she does like sounds like whistling or similar sharp sounds.

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