Hayley is now 10 years old. My family adopted her when she was about 7 months old from a local animal rescue. She has a beautiful golden coat that is surprisingly soft.

She loves other dogs and people, and if she had a subcategory of her favorites to meet, it would be children. She’s extra gentle with young children and hasn’t ever jumped up on them – possibly because she can lick their faces without needing to jump!


Hayley has plenty of energy to expend on her hobbies: running outside, playing with toys, extracting food from puzzle toys, playing with cats and dogs, sniffing things on walks, but she definitely isn’t the highest level energy kind of dog. She’s much calmer than, for example, many herding breeds.

Hayley is also sound sensitive. There are sounds that scare her like thunder and construction noises, but she is highly attuned to things like the toaster popping, which predicts occasional treats of toast and butter, and she loves the “click” sound of clickers used with positive reinforcement training.


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