Puppy Kindergarten

Course Description: 

This course focuses on puppy socialization, training, and having fun. There will be group off-leash play, impulse control exercises, work on confidence building and teaching foundation behaviors.

Behavior goals include: sit, down, stay, recall (come when called), leave it, aggression prevention exercises, loose leash walking, puppy nipping, chewing, house training, keeping feet on the ground (anti-jumping), and socialization to people, other puppies, and things in the environment.

Length of Course: 5 weeks (50 minutes each week)

Cost: $150.

Number of students admitted: 6

Ages admitted: puppies 2 – 4.5 months old (or 8-18 weeks old)

Requirements: proof of vaccinations – minimum one set of distemper/parvovirus vaccine 7 days prior to the start of the first day of class, and first dose of de-wormer.

Materials for students to bring: six foot leash with collar or harness, training treats, and stuffed Kong or bully stick.