Day Training


North Carolina Dogs’ Day Training Program is specialized for busy families. If you don’t have the time, or find it frustrating to train your puppy or dog, this program is for you. We will meet with you for an initial evaluation and lesson, then train your pup for you over the next several sessions, and meet at the end of the week to show you how to cue your dog to perform his new behaviors and maintain them for life.

Day Training Program

Two-weeks: 11 one hour sessions

Cost: $1100


Three-weeks: 16 one hour sessions

Cost: $1600

Day training includes:

Initial behavior evaluation

Training right away at the first lesson; the bulk of training is completed by a certified dog trainer to make it easy for you

Customized training plans for your individual dog and family’s needs

Transfer lessons, so you can apply your dog’s new behavior skills to your daily life

Follow up support to help you achieve your training goals