Reactive Dogs

Course Description:

This course is specialized for dogs with reactive behavior – that pull, bark, and lunge at other dogs on leash. Exercises will focus on obtaining better control and the ability to ask your dog for behaviors in all types of situations.

Note: This class is not intended for dogs who are aggressive or have a bite history to other dogs or people. For these dogs please register for private lessons.

Behavior goals include: sit, down, leave it, stay, loose leash walking, and primarily work on practicing these behaviors around other dogs to prevent, reduce, or eliminate reactive behavior.

Length of Course: 4 weeks (50 minutes each week)

Cost: $150.

Number of students admitted: 4

Canine ages admitted: 5+ months old, or permission of the instructor

Requirements: Dog current on vaccinations

Materials for students to bring: six foot leash with collar or harness, training treats, and stuffed Kong or bully stick.