“I have been around dog trainers a long time, and could not recommend Dan Raymer more highly.  He is a superb technician, with a stellar grasp of the intricacies of assessment, behavior and procedures and how they fit into the big picture of helping clients live successfully with their dogs.  On a par with all this is his ethical compass.  Dog training is still unregulated and there are pockets without qualified practitioners.  Not so in Wake County, whose dogs and their guardians are in the best possible hands.”

Jean Donaldson

Founder, The Academy for Dog Trainers

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“Dan is a superb trainer with a solid understanding of animal learning and a commitment to using modern science based methods. He is skilled in assessing behavior and his user-friendly instructions will make the training process easy for owners to understand and follow. I highly recommend Dan, no matter what the issue he will be able to help.”

Sarah Pennington

Coach and Mentor, The Academy for Dog Trainers

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“Dan is an incredibly knowledgeable trainer. Not only did our dog learn a lot in his class, but as new “pet parents”, we did as well! Dan  took the time to customize his teachings for each participant. He was a great resource for us in training our puppy. Not only did he come up with helpful training strategies, but he helped us understand the canine behavior behind what we were doing.”


Bob, Robin, and Finn, Raleigh, NC

“Dan worked with me and my dog Maggie on her anxiety issues.  She is a very shy anxious dog who is afraid of strangers and terrified of men.  Dan was incredibly patient with her and over the course of our sessions together she warmed up to him.  Maggie and I are still working on her anxiety, but Dan encouraged us to keep at it, and we are making progress!”


Sarah and Maggie, Chapel Hill, NC